Email Therapy

Whether you're needing brief help for an issue, or would like to do ongoing work, email therapy is a great option. One of the best parts parts about email is that you have time to really think through your messages, enabling you to go back and edit as needed and send it whenever's most convenient. Also, the benefit of email is that you're able to re-read my responses to you as many times as you need. For each email you send, you will receive a thorough response from me within 48 hours. 

  1. Send me a brief email letting me know what issue you'd like help with. I will respond to this first email for free, letting you know if I think I can help & then explaining the encryption email we'll use moving forward <-- Don't worry, it's free, easy to use, confidential, and doesn't require any downloads!
  2. You will be sent a consent form, an invoice for your next email, and some questions to get you started.
  3. You'll respond back with your consent form and as detailed an email as you'd like.
  4. You'll receive a thorough email response from me within 24-48 hours of your email being sent and invoice being paid online.
  5. We'll discuss whether you want to continue 1 email at a time, or purchase one of the unlimited packages. 
  • Single email: $30

  • 2 weeks of unlimited emails: $99

  • 1 month unlimited: $195
    (includes 1 free 30-minute video session)

  • 2 months unlimited: $380
    (includes 2 free 30-minute video sessions)

  • Free Video Software Sign-Up & Download: VSee


This option is meant for more brief work, maybe you're needing to talk through a specific dilemma, or as an add-on to other forms of online therapy. The benefit of chat therapy is that we can usually schedule our session very quickly from the time you reach out for an "appointment" (even the same day in some instances). Also, unlike email therapy, you are able to get real-time responses from me.

  1. Sign-up for, download, and get acquainted with the free software Vsee. (It's similar to Skype, but more confidential)
  2. Send me an email requesting a chat session (please give me your availability for that day + the following days, or whenever you're wanting to "meet"). 
  3. I'll respond back confirming our appointment time & will send you an invoice for the session. And if this is your first time working with me, you'll be sent a brief consent form you'll need to send back before our appointment.
  4. 5-10 minutes before our appointment, please login to VSee. Our appointment will start with me sending you the first chat message once I see you're logged in.
  • 30 minute session: $30

  • your invoice must be paid online before the session begins

  • Not to be used in times of crisis

video chat.jpg


This form of online therapy will obviously most closely resemble what you'd typically think of as "therapy". This option is great for those who have busy schedules and can't find time to drive to appointments, or when traveling and not wanting to miss out on therapy. This is also ideal for people living outside the Austin area or people with physical disabilities or limitations. 

  1. Sign-up for, download, and get acquainted with the free software Vsee. (It's similar to Skype, but more confidential). 
  2. Send me an email requesting a video session, including your availability for the week. 
  3. I'll respond back with our appointment time, an invoice for the session, and your intake paperwork. 
  4. 5-10 minutes before our appointment, please login to VSee. I'll send a chat message through VSee confirming that you're ready, at which point we'll enable the video feature and begin. 
  5. Because this type of therapy is so dependent on technology working, ensure you have a good internet connection and that VSee is running properly.


  • 50 minutes: $80-$100

  • 30 minutes: $40-$50


  • invoice must be paid online
    before our session

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