While it can provide many of the same benefits as in-person therapy, it's important to see if this different format will be helpful for you in particular. 

online therapy is Only available to Texas residents who are at least 18 years old

Advantages (3).jpg

+ Flexible  
+ Affordable
+ Can spend ample time composing your thoughts in writing
+ Able to send emails anytime day or night
+ Can serve as single consultations or ongoing therapy
+ From comfort of your own home
+ Online record of all sessions
+ Can re-read my responses as many times as is helpful
+ May feel less intimidating

- should not be used if you're in crisis or suicidal
- Inability to read body language
- Misunderstandings that can arise from text-only communication
- Technology failures (less-so with emails)
- Email/chat not recommended if you struggle to communicate through writing
- Privacy/confidentiality concerns*

*HIPAA compliant email, video, and chat software is used