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Therapy is awesome. But sometimes you just want to get help around a very specific dilemma you’re facing, learn skills to help in your day to day life, or finally just be told what to do to feel better. And you want it to happen in as little as 1 or 2 appointments. Well, that’s where these services step in. I provide focused, effective, and efficient options to meet your needs fast. Appointments available in person & online.


Clients who work with me appreciate my non-judgmental attitude, honest and insightful feedback, frequent use of humor, and the unconditional acceptance I provide them.

I encourage you to explore each of these options a little further, maybe learn a little more about me and my vibe, and see which option feels like the best fit for you.

Assessment +
Wellness Plan
Custom self-help

anxiety assessment

I help you make sense of why you are the way you are, and what things you can do to feel better. This is the real deal. It’s a big time heaping of insight and action. And it’s all customized Because personal growth isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach.

Clarity SEssion:
The Antidote to indecision


Stuck in an indecision hellscape? Have a major life choice to make — be it career, relationship, family, or any other thing that’s making you freak the f*** out because your pros and cons list has not helped you pick the right choice? Let me help you sort through things.

Self-Compassion COACHING:
Feel it + Learn it

self compassion

Self-compassion. You’ve probably heard about it in the past few years, as it’s definitely having a moment. It’s one of the most powerful skills we can learn in life, however it’s a tricky one to learn on your own. I’m a pro at this and will teach you how to be a pro too.

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interested in working with me short term but are looking for something a little different than what you see offered? I can customize something just for you.

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I’ve struggled with anxiety and self-esteem for many years now, and I’ve appreciated Callye’s ability to help me reframe my thinking. She’s helped me see that by learning to accept some of the more painful emotions that come up for me (rather than shove them down or fight them), I can better deal with things and feel less controlled by my old habits.
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Callye was so easy to talk to from the very first session. I’d never been to therapy before so I was initially pretty nervous, but she made me feel really comfortable. I recommend her to any friends of mine who ever are wanting to go to therapy.
Callye isn’t afraid to tell it like it is, which I found refreshing and helpful. I love that she has a sense of humor about things. It felt like I could say anything and would never be judged for it.