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Whether you’re in love with your website or feel like a complete mess with your website, if you’re not getting the clients you want, it’s time to reassess.

I provide budget-friendly solutions to get you more clients from just YOUR website.

You spent countless hours building your site, trying to figure out both the design side of things but also what to write so that clients will pick you amidst the sea of other therapists. But at this point, you’re wondering if maybe your website isn’t converting visitors into clients as much as it should be.

Have your previous attempts at getting feedback on your site just been you sharing it with colleagues, friends, and family? Let me guess, the responses looked something like... “It looks great! So proud of you!” Well that’s certainly a nice self-esteem boost, but is it helpful? Ehhh, not so much. That’s what happens when you get free help from people that like you -- positive vibes but no action steps.

website help

It’s easy to feel stuck, not knowing how to improve your site... and then asking yourself the dreaded question of, “Oh noooo, do I have to cave and finally spend thousands of dollars (that I don’t have) on a web designer who actually knows what they’re doing? Is that the only way I’ll finally get the clients I want?” Well, not necessarily.

who am I?

A therapist, just like you. And I’ve been successfully DIY’ing the shit out of my private practice since 2014. Other therapists frequently seek me out for private practice help, be it consultation, organization, budgeting, dealing with imposter syndrome, copywriting, or web design.

And another thing? I’m an introvert. And… shhhh, don’t repeat this, but… I’m kinda lazy. That means I’m not the type who’s going to keep up with blogging and advertising and networking and having a social media presence. I mean, I can barely institute a consistent bedtime for myself, much less do annnny of that other stuff consistently! Which means I need a website that does the heavy lifting for me.


Here’s a list of the things I DON’T DO to get clients

  • blog

  • take insurance

  • post on social media

  • use adwords (or any paid advertising)

  • utilize secret SEO or coding skills


And here’s a list of the things I ACTUALLY DO to get clients

  • manage my own DIY site on squarespace

  • focus on good copywriting to make sure I’m speaking to my ideal client

  • pay attention to small design details

  • provide the best therapy I can

Why Pay Me?

Because I’m helpful. And good at what I do. And obsessively thorough in my feedback and recommendations. And I filled my practice, with over 70% of my clients finding me organically on google. Clearly something is working. The power of good websites, am I right?! I want to help you get those same results.

Callye was so helpful in giving me recommendations for my website. She gave me specifics about every page on my website that helped me organize it better and improved the style and content. She included a video with her recommendations that I could watch at my own pace which was incredibly useful. I highly recommend her for helping with building a website!
— Happy Client
Callye services came to me at a much needed time. I am a part time private practice owner who wasn’t getting the calls I wanted in terms of numbers and ideal client type. Callye reviewed my website and gave me a VERY comprehensive assessment on what needed to change in order for my business to pick up. I instituted all of her suggestions and within two weeks of the website change, I began seeing an uptick in referrals as well as conversations with clients who would be a good fit for my practice. I highly recommend Callye’s website assessment services as they have positively affected me and my business via financial growth and more fun in sessions as I’m meeting with people whom I enjoy to work with.
— Happy Client



When a client arrives at your site, what sort of experience are they having?
When you, your friends, or colleagues look at your site, there’s always a bias that distorts the clarity of their assessment.

With this service, you’ll get honest, objective feedback letting you know exactly what a client thinks and feels when they see your site — and more importantly, what makes them decide to schedule or not schedule with you.

This is a great starter option if you’re curious about any blind spots in your website.


More specific feedback & recommendations for your site so it can better reach the clientele you’re wanting it to reach.

  • everything included in Snapshot, plus:

  • at least 5 recommendations that will immediately improve your site

  • SEO tips


This is where I throw everything I got at you! An objective eye with thorough feedback, customized ideas, and SEO help.

  • everything included in Quick & Easy, plus:

  • I give every recommendation possible

  • creative and customized ideas telling you how to implement my recommendations, both the logistics and also the words to use (ie: copywriting)

  • This option includes a thorough video walk-through of your site where I discuss and visually point out my assessment and recommendations

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