website consultation
website consultation



Get specific feedback & recommendations for your site so that it can better reach the clientele you’re wanting it to reach.

  • everything included in Snapshot, plus:

  • at least 5 recommendations that will immediately improve your site

  • SEO tips

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When I go to your website, I'll intentionally turn my therapist brain off and look at things through the eyes of a clueless consumer in search of help. You want to make sure that the second they look at your website, they have the exact impression of you and your services that you want them to have. Then, I’ll turn my sales brain on to give you recommendations on how to adjust your site so that it’s speaking to the clients you want to fill your practice with.

This service is me telling you what a client thinks, feels, and does when they see your site + providing you at least 5 recommendations of ways you can improve your website right away + some SEO tips (and SEO is kiiiinda a big deal when it comes to being found on search engines). This is a great service for those looking to make a few tweaks to their site, but unsure what the best direction to take is. I’ll be your knowledgable guide and help you get the most bang for your buck with your site.

HOW IT WORKS: After clicking “Purchase,” a screen will pop up with a few questions about your practice and your website so that I’ve got what I need to get started with your feedback and recommendations. Once you complete those questions, you’ll be directed to the checkout screen where you’ll make your payment. From there, I’ll get to work ASAP and then send you an email in 3-6 business days with your feedback and recommendations. I’m psyched to get started!

*And don’t forget — this purchase is a tax write-off for your business! Woo-hoo for reducing taxable income!*