You Know You're Allowed To Be Happy, Right?


There’s danger when it comes to being happy. Nay… there’s danger when it comes to expressing the happy.


Think about the last time you simultaneously were
     1) kicking ass in life, and
     2) asked the small talk question of “How’s your day going?”


A lot of us will typically say something like, “Oh, not too bad. How bout you?”, or “Same ol’ same ol’.” … or something spicy like, “Oh, ya know… the usual… just pondering the deep questions of life and circling around the dark abyss that is existence.” ← amiright?


Because what would happen if you straight up owned your awesomeness? If you busted out with a, “Ya know, everything feels like it’s falling into place for me right now. I’m deeply connected to my partner, I’ve been eating a little healthier, and I feel proud of myself for finally painting the dining room.”


Now, I know… I know. That’s not the most socially appropriate way to respond to a brief, “How ya doin?” question which is most likely bore out of the other’s person’s feeling of social obligation to acknowledge your presence. ← too cynical?


But the point is that when someone inquires about our life (be it superficially or meaningfully), we have a tendency to shy away from our successes. From our goodness. From the spark inside us.


There’s a fine line between confidence and bragging, and many of us fear that if we sing our own praises, we’ll be looked at as a braggart, or give off a holier-than-thou vibe. As though we will make the other person uncomfortable because we’re actually having a grand ol’ time in our life.


Did you hear that? We stifle our own joy and self-expression because we’re afraid we’ll make someone else uncomfortable!


I mean, who cares about the fact that we’re making ourselves chronically uncomfortable by playing down our happiness? And why? Because we’re afraid that other people can’t handle our happiness and thus it will trigger their own negative feelings about themselves? Or that they may judge us?


Well to that, I say “Fuck em’!” You have a right to be happy -- and to show it! Enough with the humblebragging or the self-deprecating humor that protects you from exposing your true feelings.


If other people can’t handle connecting with a person who’s shining bright, that’s on them. And you know what? The funny things is that when you actually express your happiness, it gives other people permission to express their happiness.


So shine bright, you sparkling little diamond, you (oh god… that was a Rihanna reference… what have I become?) The world needs your happiness just as much as you do -- and I am officially granting you the permission to let it out!

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